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I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. I've always been interested in viewing things at unique angles, along with having an seemingly unshared appreciation for the natural world.

At times, I seem to go through an obsession of wanting to capture as much of our world as possible. This is where my saying "The World Through A Camera Lens" comes from. It can take many hours to find that one photo that is just right.

Having an eye to find that prefect shot also means that the design of Orleafy also undergoes my strict obsession. I've always found that online services leave me wanting more than they can offer. This resulted in me getting hands on and learning how to programme.

Knowing that the photos I've taken are being viewed the way that I have intended by design, gives me a sense of pride. Because of this I feel that Photography and Web Design go hand in hand. No matter what you do, I feel it's important to control the experience of your content.
Portfolio Collection
PH0030 / Views - 79
Night Line
PH0029 / Views - 206
Dream Chaser
PH0028 / Views - 216
Whooshing Past
PH0027 / Views - 215
Majestic Sunset
PH0026 / Views - 205
Standing Calmly
PH0025 / Views - 210
Post Focus
PH0024 / Views - 381
Follow The Trial
PH0023 / Views - 338
Across The Land
PH0022 / Views - 343
Corn Field
PH0021 / Views - 356
Classically Framed
PH0020 / Views - 283
Durdle Cove
PH0019 / Views - 261
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